My Favorite Cocktail Bars in Budapest

Budapest got a huge gastronomical overhaul in the last century. It’s hard to imagine that 30 years ago you needed to wait until Christmas to buy some tropical fruits, while today we can proudly say without any exaggerations that the city became a gastronomical heaven. You can find everything in the range from Micheline star restaurants to the cheapest street food. And it isn’t different in the Bar industry, really from the best wine and cocktail bars to the most inexpensive dirty basement boozers. We want to share our favorite cocktail bars with you which definitely worth a visit while you are roaming around the streets:

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This place is amazing with a good atmosphere, nice bartenders and even better cocktails. WARMUP’s concept is that you never need to order the same cocktail twice. They don’t have a so called menu or schema. The bartenders ask you how you like or want your cocktail, - Sweet or sour? - Gin or vodka? - Long or shot?… You get the idea. We have visited this place multiple times and never got bored or disappointed. The place is pretty small and usually crowded, so it’s a good idea to get there early.

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Our next stop shares the same creative values, tiny bar, custom cocktails. The bartenders are super creative they grow their own herbs for cocktails. You can taste some very special drinks but just like in WARMUP it’s a good idea to get here early.

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Unlike the last two bars, Boutiq' Bar has a Menu with some great drinks, and super competitive bartenders. They have been voted the best cocktail bar in Hungary several times and few of the bartenders have won domestic and international competitions, and they have been selected one of the best 50 bar in the world by Drinks International in 2012.

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Cocktails served with perfection, this could be the motto of the Blue Fox, the drinks tastes amazing and looks gorgeous. They respect the old drinks and guaranteed mix them right. Great place to try classic and sophisticated cocktails.

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If you want to feel the Tiki in the center of Budapest, then Rumpus Tiki Bar is the perfect location for you. They have always good music with hot lights and great cocktails. If you are a rum lover, then you should put this place on your bucket list as they have over 60 different types of special rum. We challenged ourselves to try all of the cocktails (no, not during one night, we're not that badass) and as we haven't accomplished this aim yet we're still working on it.

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In case you get bored with the local cuisine, this is an excellent place to take a culinary trip with the great variety of Sushi (if you're adventurous like us, you can even try the ones with eel) and high standard cocktails in the very heart of the city with the view to the Chain Bridge. Japanese specialities, great atmosphere and gorgeous cocktails with super friendly and knowledgeable waiters. The cocktail menu was compiled in the oriental spirit, so you can try the Wasabi 2 Cuba, Jasmin gimlet or Lychee Lee besides the big classics.

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